Topic: NetBSD goes modular with xorg

Hey all, it seems NetBSD has gone modular with xorg in pkgsrc and it's time to upgrade (this does NOT affect users of the XFree86 that's included in the base distribution of NetBSD it is ONLY for xorg pkgsrc users!)

Tobias Nygren on pkgsrc-users@ wrote:

Hi pkgsrc users,

Is anyone who is tracking pkgsrc-current still using xorg 6.9? We are
considering to remove it soon. I expect pkgsrc-2007Q3 will ship without
it. If you are still using X11_TYPE=xorg on pkgsrc-current you are
strongly advised to upgrade to X11_TYPE=modular at this point.


Upgrading from X11_TYPE=xorg to X11_TYPE=modular means that you must
remove all xorg packages and those packages that depend on it. Also
make sure that X11BASE is not set in mk.conf.

The packages you need for a "complete" modular installation are:


Please let us know if you come across any problems when upgrading.

I installed modular xorg last night. Being a newer version, my newer nVidia graphics card was recognised big_smile (and I mean recognised, not 3D GL speed)

I decided to delete all my pkgsrc apps and start cleanly. The modular xorg installed 187 pkgsrc apps from a clean system.

I highly recommend starting with a clean (empty) pkgsrc setup to ensure you don't mess up any dependecies; if you can. If you'd like to start clean, you can run the following command to completely (and cleanly) de-install all your currently installed pkgsrc apps:

pkg_delete -d -r -R *
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Re: NetBSD goes modular with xorg

Would there be any issue if modular was installed onto a system with the default XFree86 already installed?


Re: NetBSD goes modular with xorg

Yes, possibly - the various X apps would get confused. The XFree86 ones are in /usr/X11R6 while modular ends up in /usr/pkg. There would be no way of guaranteeing which app was run when called - leading to big issues I'd bet wink

To fix this simply move or remove /usr/X11R6 so that the PATH var can't use it.

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Re: NetBSD goes modular with xorg

It seems they made the step toward RC1 too,


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