1 Upgrading perl

by jb_nexus

3 Repositories software

by ahlsner

4 Repositories soiftware

by ahlsner

5 Installing MySQL on 4.9

by desreguard

11 Wireless with Atheros; Aspire Laptop

by chaotixmonjuish

12 new project

by wlm

14 wpa_supplicant fail

by cntct3000

17 NetBSD in Microsoft!

by neozeed

19 Keeping ports current

by zenlunatic

21 Memories of childhood

by sseoo

22 obama and smartphone

by sseoo

23 Gnome Desktop

by grumpy.biatch

24 Resizing OpenBSD slices

by grumpy.biatch

27 SugarCRM payroll plugin

by satimis