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How do you keep your installed ports -current?


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I'm here.  Mostly been traveling and doing things off the computer.


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Just had surgery today and I know everyone will be glad to know I'm still alive big_smile

In all serious though, good thread, as a fellow on another forum that I knew died a couple months ago (R.I.P.)


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Don't get it, not worth figuring out.  No offense.


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while the eee pc has a 7" screen, it has a bit of extra around the screen.  maybe not the same as an 11", but not as small as it sounds


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I ended up going to CompUSA this weekend, and I was checking out the 11" sony vaios.  A subnotebook keyboard really doesn't seem too hard to get used to.  Personally I have problems using other folks 15" laptops keyboard sometimes.


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phoenix wrote:

Why would you want to run MacOS X on a 900 MHz CPU??

The iphone runs OS X on much less speed.  I know its not really the same, but hey big_smile


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Wed 14 (today) review of EEE: http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware … review.ars


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How much for the MacBook?


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You can try out the XO laptop software on your box... http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OS_images_for_emulation

They have a vmware link.


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I know where you can still buy them.


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Thanks for the screenshot asemisldkfj.  I've been following this piece of hardware, but this was the first screenshot I've seen, and it helps give me a taste.  It's a neat little laptop.

Related: If you guys are familiar with the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) machine, you can actually buy one starting Monday.  The catch is you have to purchase two; one goes to a poor third-world kip, and you keep the other.  The Asus has better specs all around, but the OLCP laptop has a better screen res.  The OLPC laptop has some neat features, such as having 802.11s (mesh).  It doesn't appear that the OLPC machine has any sort of crank or solar power built-in which I believe was planned.  Maybe they're external *shrug*  OLPC has some weird interface stuff though. Here are the sites: http://www.laptop.org/ http://www.laptopgiving.org/


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http://people.freebsd.org/~kris/scaling … review.pdf


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You're all over the place with that post.  Good luck finding what you believe to be true.

I've had several from many brands, and it seems to me that the brands aren't too important, but rather the model/version.  I've settled on a WRT54GL, which isn't N, but it has done well over the past year.  I also have several Netgear appliances on our network, including a B Netgear router, which is quite nice.  I've never used one, but I've heard Apple makes wireless routers, so that may be something to look into.  Good luck.


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Me at Andrew's yesterday


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can we all move on now?


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how did i threaten you?


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how dare you speak of the man this way


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haha dp you obviously never read a William S. Burroughs piece of literature.


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you guys cannot sense sarcasm and bullshit to save your lives.

seriously, step away from the console and go watch this [flash, nsfw]

again, lighten up and stop imitating those talking heads on cnn, fox, msnbc, etc... they are human too.  i know though, they seem like robots with no personality.

and for the record, i do not have "a myspace," nor do i think firefox is involved in terrorism.


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im legally insane.  what is your excuse?


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um, i will call cert http://www.cert.org/