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I had to upgrade perl 5.12.4 to 5.12.5...

# cd /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4/
# find ./A* -type f | xargs -J % pkg_which | xargs -J % portmaster -d -B -P -i -x gcc-4.6... -R % && cd /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4

That way was easiest (except for some (  /.D* for example) which had stray files so started to
rebuild thousands rather than just 1, 10, 20... at a time, easily remedied ..).

I expect to use that as a template should I upgrade, say, python27 to python28, etc...


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Cvsup/csup is deprecated NOW for ports (probably source also.)  The new svn methods are in a few threads at the freebsd forums... One may want to be aware that for svn (subversion) at least, the ports tree (likewise, the /usr/src )  should be empty ( mv ports ports.old or more thoroughly...) before running the CLI.


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Can you 'ls -lac' each kernel to see which of the three is most recent but not equal to the failing one?


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There is a subversion method I used (as csup/cvsup is planned to be obsolete next year).  The method was put forth in a message to the freebsd-ports list, this month (unless the latter half of last month).  The first machine I tried it on exactly as written it worked, and works, well, but takes up a little more space, maybe not suitable for machines without an extra GB on /usr...

Many expect that the flat files (and directories ) in /var/db/pkg may be obsoleted  by
the next pkg management tool, /pkg/ soon to be in base. [1]   Just a FYI for persons
interested, the discussion takes place mostly on the freebsd-ports mailing list. This
may occur in V 11 ...

[1] Replaced by a database file which /pkg/ works with...

Both of which together restored functionality/confidence (so far, 3 days) using
rsync (bwlimit parameter) to backup to sata-on-pci using TX4 which was
unstable using other methods /rsnapshot/ for example on plain UFS2.
(details on the bsd forum,
tailed onto a thread there,
keyword search bwlimit,
no time to post here, also I could leave something out inadvertantly. )
YMMV but I wish I had known this years ago (should gjournalling have
been available then.) (and if it works as reliably during the next years).

I "pkg_add -r seamonkey"; and install /gnash/ and
flash on (many sites?) (youtube at least ! ) works...
no linux_enable nor layer installed.
Running _7 stable of last year.


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a while ago, to not recompile Seamonkey, I portupgrade -P 'd it.
had to switch fam >>gamin.
then, as url's from youtube failed to resolve in 3-rd party sites,
keepvid etc,
on a whim I launched seamonkey > youtube.

To my amazement, videos played without me doing anything,
apparantly because of /gnash-devel/...

which means I  do not have to get the swfdec-plugin etc
working  (unless I am mistaken and it was the latter
or some other, I may have about 5 total such installed)


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I think that is the port /games/asciiquarium/  ...


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3 years ago I seem to recall a mbox to maildir (sh or something) which
appeared in a lengthy web search

you might want to rename the system binaries rather than change the path as
the latter *might* mess with other apps sometime (not sure of the probability).
I'd write down all the system binaries that are replaced by cups, put their
newer changed names in /etc/motd or another place to find them, and install
cups.  (installing cups... another hurdle.  It can be easy or hard.)
otoh, other threads have suggested:
.......other than cups (lprng...)
......  system binaries , specific printers, and printcaps.
the freebsd-questions list has 1-5 threads yearly on what method is best.
Don't know for certain, here.

no time to post details, but I upgraded to 7.2 (not smoothly but no
major problems).  Slowly rebuilding ports (160 so far approx) (525 or so to go, dreading the wx-s and the gstreamer-s ... as the order is never intuitive.