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What does fdisk /dev/wd1 say ?


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It's a bit vague. But I think you might wanna try with gmake instead of simply make.


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WIntellect you still alive !! :-)

fox.girl88 of course it depends on what you are going to get from them.


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Wwwaoouuuhh finally a message that isn't spam ! Thank you neozeed :-)


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digi wrote:

you deleted my account, too. And I had just updated my profile...
All that writing... and now it's gone! Agrrrrrrhhhh...

Hello digi,

It must be a mistake due to a lot of fake users registering. Sorry for that!


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Welcome Megan

Looks like it has been answered:


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Yeah I never thought this post would come back!

When I read the first message it appeared to me like it was written a day ago. I didn't even remember I already read it :-)


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Actually it's a update performed by Jage.


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Let us know if it worked!


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No idea. Tried to contact people on mailing lists ?


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Should we consider the previous' message signature as spam ? :-)


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WIntellect turned to the dark side of the Force (.NET!!!)



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I was reading this article:
http://www.developer.com/net/net/articl … Scream.htm

And at the bottom one can read:

Jeff Prosise is with Wintellect (http://www.wintellect.com/)


By Arun  September 16 2009 3:49 PMPDT
Awesome very clean article.

For a moment I was asking myself questions ... :-)


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Welcome back wi :-)

I'm not sure of the pkgsrc link. Could You confirm me please ?

I don't understand your question.

yeah but then you start discovering all the beautiful things you've never seen before and you know it was worth the wait /fight :-)

The vt8235 controller is the south bridge no graphic support in there.

I have googled the reference of your laptop a bit and found that some guys are trying to use openchrome as well (maybe it was you asking on another forum big_smile)
And it seems you will have to go with the pkgsrc compilation.

Let us know how things go and we'll try to help more if you still have the issue.

What kind of graphic card do you have ?

There must be some better driver than VESA.

I would say no. In most cases there are too many changes between stable and current to bring a single file (or a few of them) from current to stable.

You could still try it though.


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Hello K.Y.A,

I don't know nginx as I never installed it. You could have run apachectl configtest to check your apache config maybe.

Hope you'll get it working soon.


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He has not answered my mail either yet... DUDE ?!?!?!!? :-)


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Dude what's going on ? :-)

The search function says you haven't said anything here since march!


In the other hand we have a ton of unused accounts. Wouldn't it be possible in the first place to remove them using an sql query/script ?

yeah -> post deleted.
It happens often that the post contains a text of the same color as the background. In this case:

Up up,Bookmarked,i'll come back soon, "THANK" for usefultopic, Love u all :-)
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