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You're absolutely right! I actually usually use the latest quarterly snapshot but for some reason when I set this system up I must have initially set it to CVS the CURRENT tree. When I set it to syncronise with 2007Q2 it compiled and worked.

I'm not too familiar with pkgsrc, if it's a bug in the current branch are they interested in receiving a bug report? Having come from the FreeBSD world I know there's a pretty strong expectation that the CURRENT branch will usually either be broken or have broken elements.

If not, I'll gather up all the logs and data I can find about the specific machine and send it off to them. Heck they're giving me all this software for free, it's the least I can do right?


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arun wrote:

What was it before ?


It was a joke lah wink


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That's what I figured, so to make sure I did everything right I:

* Installed vanilla NetBSD without any of the X11 sets
* Modified the mk.conf file with "X11_TYPE=xorg"
* cvs'd the latest pkgsrc tree
* cd'd to /usr/pkgsrc/x11/meta-pkgs/xorg
* make install clean clean-depends
* Same error as above sad.

It seems to still have the same problem with "PsOut_DownloadFreeType1". Perhaps I won't use the meta-package this time and avoid compiling the FreeType fonts or whatever it is.

Thanks for your help so far you guys, at least I feel like I'm making progress smile


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Okay I think the XFree86 driver for my graphics card is broken. I installed FreeBSD back on the same machine, configured X and was able to start it perfectly. I copied the file over to a FTP server, reinstalled NetBSD and copied the same file over, then tried to start XFree86. Same problem, a blank LCD screen and a completely frozen machine that needs a hard reset because it won't respond to CTRL ALT BACKSPACE, CTRL ALT - OR CTRL ALT +.

So I've given up on XFree86, the next step is to try and figure out how to get Xorg to compile successfully on my NetBSD box. I'm hoping I can figure this out soon, otherwise I'll have to put FreeBSD back on here, I'll need this machine on Sunday. I hope I won't have to sad

EDIT: For the record I've configured two other machines with XFree86 and NetBSD and both have worked flawlessly. I really am confuzzled.


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Seems I'm not the only one, found this dated 12th of July: http://mail-index.netbsd.org/pkgsrc-bug … 0001.html.



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Hey I didn't know you could do that! I would have had my username changed to "rubenerd" a long time ago! big_smile


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WIntellect wrote:

You could always use Xorg from pkgsrc.

That was my first thought, but after several attempts I couldn't get it to compile on pkgsrc, I kept getting the same error message:

# cd /usr/pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/xorg
# make install clean clean-depends


Xprint/ps/libps.a(psout_ftpstype1.o): In function `PsOut_DownloadFreeType1':
psout_ftpstype1.c:(.text+0x64): warning: warning: tempnam() possibly used unsafely, use mkstemp() or mkdtemp()
/usr/pkgsrc/x11/xorg-server/work/xc/lib/font/libXfont.a(fttools.o): In function `FTcheckForTTCName':
fttools.c:(.text+0xc5): undefined reference to `ft_isdigit'
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/x11/xorg-server/work/xc/programs/Xserver
*** Error code 1

It seems like a problem with a font library or something? I CVS'd the latest pkgsrc tree. I'm bamboozled. sad

I'm going to try looking through the NetBSD mailing list archives or just Google it when I get back from uni and see. Dang FreeBSD guys, they think they're so smart when they move over to our OS!

Haha, I was the one actually making the joke. Sometimes the best way to debunk something silly is to say something silly. I learned that from Faulty Towers wink.

I certainly appreciate the NetBSD community. When you're community is smaller, its closer knit if you know what I mean. I think there's less of a burden on NetBSD as well because I get the feeling people usually try Linux first, then they hear about the BSDs and try FreeBSD, then move onto NetBSD and so forth. This means the people who have got this far are genually more interested and passionate about what they're doing, these are the real geeks smile. Not to say GNU/Linux don't have nerds of course.


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I'll try and post more details tomorrow, It's almost 2am and I need to get up early tomorrow haha! It just boggles me, the same monitor refresh rates worked fine in FreeBSD with X.org just yesterday, so I'm inclined to think it may be a graphics card problem, or maybe something with the drivers.


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And therein lies the difference. I could release a really crappy OS, spend a buckload of money and get it called UNIX.

As you said Oliver, you can't buy heritage though wink. Well, unless you buy a museum or something... I'm sorry, bad joke.


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DannyP, you're either making off with MIPS Altair or a Betamax machine. Sorry, couldn't resist smile

Anyway yeah https would be nice, but I'm sure the admins on this forum have very busy lives and right now I don't think it's an absolute necessity.

As for comments regarding the relevance of non-admins posting about requested features, if the aforementioned non-admins didn't respond to said feature requests, then the aforementioned admins would find it difficult, if not impossible, to gauge the necessity of such a feature in the eyes of the people who would be uilitisng it: the users. There's a reason it's called a "forum".

But what do I know, I only arrived this month wink. Keep it cool yah?


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It's pretty small, but here's a picture of me that I think you haven't seen before. I'm at a Starbucks in Singapore drinking coffee:



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I've been having a real issue trying to get XFree86 working on one of my older desktops, I thought maybe an NetBSD guru here could help out a FreeBSD switcher wink.

I converted one of my desktops from FreeBSD with X.org to NetBSD 3.1 with the standard XFree86 system, but I haven't been able to get it to work at all. I do the usual "XFree86 -configure", then vi the "XF86Config.new" file and add my monitor details, then move it over to "/etc/X11/XF86Config" (the exact same procedure as FreeBSD), but when I type "startx" the LCD goes black, then the backlight comes on but nothing else. Typing <CTRL> <ALT> <BACKSPACE> does nothing, I literally have to do a hard reset.

I know the monitor can support the HorizSync and VertRefresh rates because the exact same numbers worked beautfully on the same machine with FreeBSD and Xorg. That said though I've tried putting in more conservative numbers, I've tried using the "vesa" driver instead of the "via" and even lowered the resolution and colour depth but nothing.

Before I post logs and configuration files, are there any major differences between XFree86 on NetBSD and Xorg on FreeBSD that I should know about? Am I doing something really wrong? I'd love to be able to use NetBSD on this machine, but the way it stands I can only get my OpenBox or my Xfce running on FreeBSD which is a real bummer sad.

I think klepto was being sarcastic. He was poking fun of people who say they hate elitists who make nasty comments... by being an elitist and making nasty comments. I think he made a great point wink


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Does SQlite count? big_smile

Actually I mostly use PostgreSQL, but really based on principal. For what I do I can't tell any difference between it and MySQL.


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WIntellect wrote:

My only concern is that the NDIS becomes the way forward in driver development, rather than getting proper documentation and writing one.

Sorry to bring up an old post, but I had to comment. I recently read an article... damn if I can find it I'll post it, about how much damage this writer thought Samba has caused because it's become a de-facto standard in itself, when actually it was supposed to only be a workaround for Windows clients.

I'm really concerned too that this could happen with NDIS. And it's the same reason the whole Mono/.NET project worries me too.


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WIntellect wrote:

Anything can call itself UNIX if it pays the money wink

I read about that originally on the FreeBSD pages though when they explained why they're "Unix-like" not "UNIX". And to think part of Windows NT was "certified" POSIX, and look what that got them! big_smile

Far better to spend money on actually improving the system instead of buying a label. Because buying a label Is-Not-Cool(TM).

Using that trademark cost me SG$12,000 so you'd better laugh at the joke.

EDIT: Got the "Unix-like" bit backwards, whoops wink


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MaJ wrote:

Welcome Rubenerd, good to see more Aussies smile

Haha thanks! If I take up Singaporean citizenship I'll have to forfeit being an Aussie on paper (Singapore doesn't recognise dual citizenship), but deep down inside I'll still have an unhealty obsession with Farmer's Union Iced Coffee, The Castle, lamingtons, Coopers Pale Ale and a hatred of Channel Ten and Helen Coonan wink. I was actually born in North Shore in but we moved away to when I was 18 months old, so I remember nothing about Sydney. Shame really.

I still know way more about FreeBSD than either of the others but I'm really trying to learn NetBSD more. I figure if I force myself to use NetBSD more eventually I'll reverse my position. It certainly seems cleaner and more lightweight, which I'm all for.

That said, I still love my Xfce! I do have OpenBox too for when I'm in programmer head and don't need fancy crap just a bunch of rxvt's, but Xfce with the "B5" theme and the panel in the top right to make it look like BeOS is just really nice and still quite fast (compared to GNOME and KDE haha).

I'm just a sucker for eye candy... maybe when E17 is more stable I'll try that out again.


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That's a bummer. I was all ready to make a backup of my credit card details on my profile page.


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Windows 2000 Professional SP4-RU1 is the only version of Windows I still run, mostly for my older games. I know it was supposed to be a "business" OS and many games don't work, but it works fine for me.

It shares a DIY PC's hard disk with a FreeBSD partition though big_smile


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ibs wrote:

On the downside however, it felt very bloated and hard to slim.

You're exactly right. I don't know whether I'm just really stingy or something of that nature, but what draws me to the BSDs is their cleanliness. Heck even before I install something from the FreeBSD Ports or Pkgsrc I always check dependencies. I like having a small package tree, and knowing where everything is.

OpenSolaris looks promising, but there are so many distributions to choose from, so someone with less experience gets a bit confused! Do you use the Sun Solaris release, BeleniX, NexentaOS...?


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Carpetsmoker wrote:

I wonder not only how someone manages to keep Windows 98 running for 49 days, but above all why!

Because it whoops arse over... um... CP/M!

Haha actually I thought CP/M was cool. I was born after the whole 80s computer wars, but I love tinkering around with CP/M on my hand-me-down C128.

Hey that reminds me, you reckon you can run NetBSD on an 8-bit Commodore? Haha!


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DrJ wrote:

The only other OS that I might be interested in over the long haul is Solaris, because once it catches on it is probably the most likely non-Linux system to be supported by the commercial vendors.

We have to use Solaris machines at my university and it actually really irritates me, simple comamnds like "ls" and whatnot don't work the way you expect, or at least from a Linux/BSD background. And the lack of an official package management system (last time I checked) makes me pause, though I guess I could use pkgsrc!

I should learn about it in more detail, especially with it being GPL'd soon with OpenSolaris and so forth... but I like what I've got.


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phoenix wrote:

So, still not sure what you are complaining about.

You misunderstood me, I wasn't complaining about anything. I was just making a comparison between the standard NetBSD disc and it's FreeBSD counterpart. My point was rather to illustrate how ridiculous in size Linux distributions are becoming.

RoddieRod wrote:

Is NetBSD still using XFree? I need the Xorg 7.x series to run the native resolution of my monitor wth my Nividia card, since the nvidia drivers don't work on Net.

The official release is still XFree86, but X.org is available pretty easily on pkgsrc smile.

phoenix wrote:

Don't use sysinstall after the OS is installed.  You'll make a mess of your config files.

Vi is certainly my friend, but I've been told by so many lecturers at uni to use the sysinstall tool whenever possible because it uses smart defaults or something like that. I do find myself going back to config files and cleaning out the unnecessary lines and comments though. Point taken.

Just on the subject of Linux, I still maintain one Slackware box just so I keep my knowledge of basic Linux a bit fresher. Fluxbuntu looked interesting having Ubuntu but with Fluxbox as the WM, but then I just kept remembering Free/NetBSD with Fluxbox is just sexier. Who's with me? big_smile


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I actually never used Windows 3.11. We were strictly a Windows 3.0-with-Multimedia-Extensions family, then plain vanilla Windows 3.1, the one with the starry night sky behind arches wallpaper. And Workbench of course... when the disk drive was working big_smile