Heya, people.

I know that NetBSD has the wlanctl and wiconfig but how about the otthers.  FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonflyBSD do they have similar commands.
And what do it's output look like, I only ask so I'll have a sample to make sure that a certain script works across all 4 BSD's.

Thanks in Advance ;-)


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hrsetrdr wrote:

Now that Linux is being offered on retail computers I'm starting to become a little uncomfortable.   I'm feeling a need to "get-back-to-basics", and distance myself from the crowd.

Hmm, following the Joneses *weird-smirk*
Following the crowd or letting them get you a little uncomfortable is for those without wisdom, knowledge.
I am an independent thinker, that makes me free and manifests freedom; NetBSD is my nirvana.

Would you let those that are deaf, dumb, and blind, lead you on a journey only for you to see your walking in a giant circle?

I hope, emphatically not. 
To me NetBSD is just plain simple and clean.


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Here's one of Stumpwm. Enjoy  tongue

Thanks jage and Carpetsmoker, mainly it will be used for desktops and laptops via Stumpwm.
there is some code that shows this in Stumpwm mode-line for Linux so, I wanted to have the same thing for NetBSD, but why stop there include the other bsd's as well.

Again thanks a million

Thanks Carpetsmoker wink
Could you give example output.  So i can see I to parse it to get at the information that I wish to keep.

Now OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD users don't be shy hmm

Hello BSD geeks,

Notice at least in the online manual pages that open, free, and dragonfly don't have "envstat".
So, for these three OSes how would you get the cpu temperature?


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WIntellect, if your still looking for some serious writers I'm up for it.

Just let me know what is the schedule.
Really people lets not let this idea died.

wink  Me gusta la NetBSD!

happy B-day Net


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RoddieRod wrote:

Check out this site http://sysctl.enderunix.org/

Thanks RoddieRod, but I'm looking for NetBSD infomation right now thou.


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ocicat wrote:

It would help if you named which *BSD you intend to target.

Sure, NetBSD firstly

also Free, Open, Dragonfly maybe even Mac OS X '( later)


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Hello everyone,
I am working on this script that's trying to do the Linux equivalent of /proc/stat.
So what do you think?

 $ /usr/sbin/iostat cpu


 sysctl kern.cp_time

what does the intr= stand for in the sysctl kern.cp_time command?

what does the value of kern.ccpu mean?

Great would be resources to documentation that tell what the sysctl variables output mean.
It would also be a great resource to anyone browsing the forum.