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Your link to the how to doesn't resolve so not sure what method you are using to install, is it portinstall/portmaster, make install or pkg_add?


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Port 443, is the default SSL port, you either need to change the line in the config file to that or you need to have you DNS provider point to 433 instead of 443 or, if there is a firewall you control in front of this server, have it route ssl traffice to that port.


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New forum theme?? Does that mean this forum is making a come back?


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That is a good one.


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WIntellect wrote:

two kids? no, no, no sir - it was my third big_smile

Oh...dang!! I missed one somewhere smile


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Welcome back.

Two kids will keep you busy, I know! Congrats though.

I'm moving my web development to python but when I used PHP, I liked the serendipity blog software. I liked and used Qcodo framework for PHP, http://www.qcodo.com/.

If you ever decided to go the python route pyBlosxom is a very like blog framework. Blosxom is the Perl version. There was a PHP version but I think it stopped development.


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He hasn't posted on his blog in a long while also...but he did go to the darkside(ubuntu) so maybe he's busy trying to defeat the rebel alliance.

try asking here:


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This may help:

http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/free … 41242.html


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You're using zsh so I'm not sure of the format, but this worked for with with plain old sh:

sudo sh -c 'echo "ssh-rsa AAAAAA=" > /home/larz/.ssh/authorized_keys'


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How goes it Ahlsner,

I have to admit, I never installed binary packages on NetBSD I used pk_src and compiled everything when I used it.

For DHCP try adding this to your /etc/rc.conf


Not sure, but you may have to rename or remove ifconfig.rtk0

I've never used gnome and I have used KDE in 8 or so years.

I'm using mainly FreeBSD and OpenBSD these days with OpenBox for my desktop.

Good Luck!


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try this forum http://www.daemonforums.org/index.php or the netbsd mailing  list, you may get more response.


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try looking at this:

http://wiki.netbsd.se/How_to_gather_net … _on_NetBSD


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I don't know?? I could understand if the boot loader was getting confused maybe. But since you have different partitions I don't see how netbsd could get confused. Sorry.


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try adding this:





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I've read this a few times and I'm not really understanding. NetBSD and FreeBSD ufs implementations are a bit different so how is it seeing two /? Does you disk have only one partition or multiple? Can you post fdisk output?


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Can you post your /etc/rc.conf file and the output of ifconfig?

I haven't used NetBSD since 4, but maybe you should give FreeBSD a try. It may be a bit easier.

But, it sounds like your network isn't active or you haven't configured your system correctly to use pkg_add or sup.

Maybe you should post the command line you used for pkg_add as I recall you need to feed it the repository to look at if you haven't set up the conf file correctly.


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I think I'll come back to this post later...


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So the GPS is sending the data to the server? In which case it's the server.
How does it know to send the data to the server? Or am I missing something?

Can't you translate the VB to somethin that will run on bsd?


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What if you try

 mixer vol 50

Does the volume go down?


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we didn't but the suggestion was brought up here a few years back...


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Well since you joined before me, you an old timer in my book smile

Good to hear your doing well. Hope you *BSD server at work works out. I tried that but most people in the organization are too point an clicky now, even the old VMS guys. So they've built a Red Hat server and a SuSe desktop to play with.

What ever happened to the web interface to #BSD - I'm still firewalled at work that won't let me connect.


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Well from what the SAP site says, there is no offical version for FreeBSD.

With that in mind, you may be able to run into via Linux emulation layer in FreeBSD, but it certainly won't be supported by the company.


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I'm not criticizing...I read your blog often and read that entry. I've tried to use Linux but I can't be productive in it, but different strokes for different folks you know.

Just hoping this forum does fade away...