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dynek wrote:
digi wrote:

you deleted my account, too. And I had just updated my profile...
All that writing... and now it's gone! Agrrrrrrhhhh...

Hello digi,

It must be a mistake due to a lot of fake users registering. Sorry for that!

And some old ones coming back dynek smile

Hello everybody, i'm back active in the forum, so many changes have been happening in my life but i'm glad to be back, with some limitations,  but is good to be here again.


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Damn! Choji! I prefer another character from the serie. Well then i need to take my red pill to become 1000 times stronger and thin. Ha ha ha.


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RoddieRod wrote:

Project Evil I never used it. I'm not sure if it is still alive.

There is a new Project Evil for usb camera...

Wow i never heard about this project before, interesting indeed!


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Long time i have not post anything, then i want share this new picture of me with my new look, i like pretty much this hair style big_smile what do you think? i'll really apreciate some girl opinions tongue



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you are a lucky guy dynek! damn. Show us if you can run any BSD system. cool


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Well i hope that Postgresql not down in the evil claws of Oracle. Postgresql rules!!


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Happy New  Year guys! i'm back tongue


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kuno wrote:

Hmm, hopefully getting X running wont be a problem either.

And hopefully I wont get shot standing next to someone trying to get a PS3 tongue

So I went there on Thursday at around 2pm and there were already people camping out...so I said screw it sad Too bad, it was such a good deal....

There are too many crazy people, i like play videogames, but not camping out of the store to buy a console or a game.


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Well i think that people who uses windows for some apps or tasks, need wait for a better replacement to XP. XP do for me what i need, play some games! tongue


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Have another option like BCC would be a great advance for the *BSD comunity, i'm in favor of this too.


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GOD Elmo is alive! where is Rene?! hahaha lol

Interesting this zfs have great posibilities.


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Congratulations dynek, your girlfriend is really cute. Roddie in that pic you look so weird hahaha. Arun you look like a friend of mine here, i'm going to save it to show my friend and say him "man here is your double from India!" hehehe

yeah maybe is that scottro, but indeed this guy is an excelent comedian, he must do it for living! hahahaha lol


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Yep ksh and zsh are my choices for shell, right now i'm using zsh in FreeBSD and i like it a lot.


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I think the same that everybody DrMAJ do it! you can man!

Wow this ZFS file system looks impresive! Wintellect do you know about comparison between ZFS and XFS? i would like see that.

scottro, we all think that he did all this joke to get more reply post in his blog or maybe microsoft is paying him publicity. It's not satire it's just business for him


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I understand you Roddie! How a person without any background in technology be VP of technology? that charge you deserve it more than him in my opinion, maybe you can talk with the President of technology, if he have technology background! otherwise you have not only security problems. tongue

"After spending half an hour trying to decode the


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Well i have some friends working in banks, but they always programing the code for use in the web interface, many times they use java for this purpose, so i don't think that exist any "magic" app that can do all their work with only click, next, click or whatever. Maybe exist but they don't know it, me either.


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Nice wallpapers! but a little dark in concept tongue

Nice ibook BSDDomi! smile I use FreeBSD right now in my lappy, the home desktop is Win XP, main station in office Win Xp too, like 30 machines running win xp and my server running NetBSD, that's all for me.


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On irc sometimes the people is like dead there, only the same people talk ever, andre, wintellect, maxlor, me sometimes, so i think the forum post is better for them. I use both forum and irc, but lately only forum, irc sometimes when i get spare time.