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Do you know the location of the swap on the first partition? What does fdisk say? What command are you using to try to mount it? What's in /etc/fstab?


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Assuming it's a torrent site, it depends what their torrents link to


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I'd suggest pkgsrc - it'll build the package you need with the latest stable version it has, as well as all dependencies required


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Hi brianeide - glad to hear you had a good experience


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seems like it - though the reply seems quite inline with the topic. I worry spammers are getting better and better sad


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Ah yes, good old wintellect.com. They once asked me to put a disclaimer on my homepage indicating that I was not related to them - back in the day when I owned wintellect.co.uk

They do training on windows based systems. I even have Windows computer professionals follow me on twitter for the same reason - can you guess my twitter name?  wink


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two kids? no, no, no sir - it was my third big_smile

And thanks for the suggestions - much appreciated

A new OS always brings with it a new way to do things. The frustration is having to set aside the old ways we are used to doing things and taking on the "new".

IMHO most give up early saying it's "rubbish" or that it's "not as good" because they are not willing to make the journey/effort to learn the new OS. What defines "goodness" is whether we are more productive with the new OS once we have come to learn/understand it.

Confucius wrote:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


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I'm back - after the birth of another son I have been busy as heck to say the least.

In the background I have been trying to learn OOP in PHP and also redesign my blog in CakePHP (getting there slowly).   I'm sick and tired of other blog software that is overkill/spammed/too_often_patched/never patched.   I feel it's time to take things into my own hands.

Any books/websites which may help me are greatly appreciated!


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OK, based upon what you've said I have to make some assumptions:

1) The GPS can send UDP packets over a network
2) The server will merely read UDP data

In this case (and I've never done UDP, only TCP) the UDP server listens for requests and when it gets one it merely writes the data to a file and closes the connection and continues waiting for the next bit of data. The example code that Beej provides:


listens on port 4950 and upon receiving a UDP packet, prints its details and contents and exits. You'll need to alter the script to loop while waiting for connections and continue the loop after resolving any connections it receives. That sample C code does not write anything back to the client.


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if you unmount the system - do you get the 512MB back?


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My first question is "Does a Nokia IP350 use Intel architecture?"

I know nothing about the Nokia IP350, but if it uses a different architecture, then a i386 PC install can't simply be dropped into a different architecture and expected to work


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I didn't know we once had a web interface to #BSD?!?

sorry, I know nothing about sendmail


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The image isn't working for me


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Congrats phoenix!!!

I got married on 22nd August  big_smile


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I've changed the way the DNS works slightly, which means it should continue to work even if server boxes are moved (blame Jage if it doesn't tongue )


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What pkgs did you install?

Have you tested and configured X first?


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Life just seems so busy at the moment. I don't have time to play with BSD any more - I want to be productive when I use a system, hence my move to Linux (even wrote a blog about it). I simply don't have the time to wait for apps to compile - especially when 30 or so (plus dependencies) have to be done.

I'm more about efficiency these days! In so being, even my wife is enjoying Linux as our sole OS (we said goodbye to Windows).


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If it's i386, could the application CDs be of any use? (I'm assuming they still build them)


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I just googled for this very need - and am glad to say that this very forum entry was found on the first page of a google search (I think 3rd one down IIRC)

big_smile    Well done AccessExcess!!!! Well done!!!


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2. Define customise
3. How to install 3rd party apps, the kernel config/build procedure


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Seeing as NetBSD 5 isn't officially released yet you could be on shaky ground.

Again, I ask which version of pkgsrc you're using? And why have you changed to installing xmonad from pkgsrc-wip when your original question was about installing modular-xorgs-apps?


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Which version of pkgsrc are you using?