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Wow, almost can't believe this little crazy howto of mine actually helped somebody years after I wrote it. Don't even recall doing it, to be honest. But I know why I wanted to achieve this. big_smile


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My FreeBSD desk...

http://axeexcess.deviantart.com/art/Fre … n-66990928

You can tell I just <3 this wallpaper. big_smile


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WIntellect wrote:
Access Excess wrote:

Enough with the archery already! big_smile

Sorry, had to be said. smile

I'm detecting jealousy in the tone of your voice  tongue

Yes, and since you can't hear my voice and determine its tone, I'm detecting auditory hallucinations in the content of your writing. big_smile


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WIntellect wrote:

I've now put together a page detailing my archery bow setup and a pic of it (I intend to add more pics soon!)


Enough with the archery already! big_smile

Sorry, had to be said. smile


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Compiz Fusion ftw :-D


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Finally got some real eye-candy goin' on my FreeBSD desktop.



I'll take this opportunity to announce that I am no longer a user of NetBSD. tongue

/me hides from dynek and wintellect big_smile


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dynek wrote:

He's so happy about his discovery big_smile

Well done ax!

Thanks ken! tongue

I was really happy this morning. smile


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Yea, sorry, couldn't find a better title. tongue

This is probably the shortest howto in this forum so here it goes.

Last night I had a conversation with someone. I usually IRC from a remote box so I don't log anything because, well, I'm paranoid.
Thing is that when I woke up this morning I really wanted to have the conversation saved on my drive. So, if you're lazy like me and don't feel like scrolling back, copying and pasting as you go, here's what I did:

First, you enable logging on the window you want to save the buffer from.

/window log on

And then you use /lastlog to scroll the entire contents of the buffer from give window.


Note that if the buffer is bigger than 1000 lines you'll need to use /lastlog with the '-force' option like so:

/lastlog -force

Now that we've first enabled logging on this window, all the output from the lastlog command will be saved to a file stored by default in your homedir.

Hope someone finds this guide useful some day. smile

P.S.: Obviously this won't work if the window you want to use this guide on has been closed. tongue


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illiterate wrote:

AccEx: How's e17 compaired to e16? Smoother? Faster? or?

I never tried e16, looked at a few videos after trying e17 and it just didn't seem to do it for me. smile

I'm surprised you ask such a question in a forum though - I find forums waaay too slow to get answers, but that's just me.

Look around the Get-E site and surf to some of the links, http://enlightenment.org would be the main one. I think it explains both 16 and 17.

G'luck! big_smile

P.S.: You really have to try it for yourself though. smile


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ibs wrote:

Perhaps you should stop "skinning" and cycle the act windows once in a while? tongue Are there really that many irc-channels worth attending? I'm having problems finding two decent channels myself. wink

I used to be on almost 40 channels at once if you can believe that. It's not like I'm active on most of 'em, I just like to lurk and follow the conversations once in a while. smile

BSDDomi wrote:

Not at all, Enlightenment is a great window manager used it myself for a while. Nice screenshot, Access Excess.

Thanks BSDDomi! big_smile I find e17 to be quite practical window manager. Not sure if you can see from the screenie but my pager is 5x4 which gives me 20 virtual
desktops. I usually run one/two in each one and just cycle through them using the built-in keybinding.

Try it when you get the time everybody:


P.S.: FreeBSD is the only BSD that has it in its package management system.


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New e17 screenie as usual. I bet some people are really ticked by my e17 fanboying. tongue

Details... FreeBSD 6.1_STABLE, latest e17 installed from ports with the new darkness theme (it's quite dark, isn't it? big_smile ). Transparency is handled by the bling module compiled manually from CVS, dated July 23rd 2006.

Comment/flame away! smile


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Yep, it's pkgsrc, it's broken.

I installed NetBSD 3.0.1 inside VMware after wiping it from disk this morning and tried both pkgsrc -current and 2006Q2. Needless to say 2006Q2 works fine, whereas -current is still acting the same (i.e. make fetch-list | sh) will do... squat!

Guess I'll just use pkgsrc-2006Q2 for the time being. 2 months left until Q3 though... sad


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It's all t3h b0rk3d!

I installed 3.0.1 yesterday too and I get errors all over the place.

First of all, etcupdate is *still* giving me an error about etcsubmit.cf missing and now I can't even build it manually. Then it's pkgsrc. As I've told some folks in #bsd last night, make fetch-list | sh doesn't do anything!, anymore... Now I wake up this morning and notice errors all over the place. pkgsrc is trying to resume distfiles already fetched. Fine, I do make NO_CHECKSUM=yes install clean clean-depends but then it complains it can't apply patches because there is no <package>/work/<package> directory...

I'm tired... Maybe pkgsrc is broken, it is current, but damn it's giving me some headaches! The mls have been of no help. sad


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axe@h3X ~ $ cd /usr/ports/sysutils/systemdoctor
bash: cd: /usr/ports/sysutils/systemdoctor: No such file or directory
axe@h3X ~ $

sad Now how am I supposed to achieve an enhanced PC? hmm


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Latest screenshot! Dig it. smile

Guess whose address I'm using with Google Earth? big_smile

Most details are on the dA page.


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http://www.dugnet.com/klown/wallpaper/d … 3k-glacier

I always loved this style myself. ^_^


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WIntellect wrote:
mad wrote:

33.6 MB big_smile I also have about 10 megabytes of RAR archives with older logs.

Are you one of those IRCers that will say:

"Do you remember 4years, 3 months and 25 minutes ago you said blah blah blah? Well, I can now prove you wrong blah blah blah...."


That would be me! big_smile


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I was talking to yami and wintellect on IRC a while ago and was just wonderin' how big my IRC log directory is. Turns out it's "only" 7 megs.

How does yours compare? smile

C'mon, I *know* you log! big_smile


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As most of you probably know by now, I'm from Romania so English would have to be my 2nd language.

I never really had a drive to learn the language, didn't set it out as a goal or anything, it just came naturally from being exposed to it. You could call it a side effect to doing the things I loved when I was a kid - such as watching cartoons and/or reading. Yep, cartoons, that would be my major influence. I started "doing" those when i was 6 (maybe 7) years old and it went on for at least 7 years. Cartoon Network was the main resource around here for me, followed in later years by Fox Kids. Sad thing is that for quite some time, cable companies now translate each and every cartoon you see on the tube. sad Bad, bad move! They're really depriving children of a great medium to learn the English language (or what have you).

To get a bit on topic: yes, it is possible to learn foreign languages outside institutional environments. School had little to no say on my ability to grasp another language but there's a chance that as you grow older, formal training may be a more viable option. Last time I started gettin' my hands on another language was in 5th grade (when I was 12 or so) when I used to watch soap operas (don't ask big_smile) and I can say that Spanish was really rubbing onto me.

From 6th to 9th grade I used to take German classes in school. After that, I switched high school and as such was forced to take French as my second language of study. To this day I can honestly say that I can't formulate more than one phrase in French or more than two in German. smile Formal learning *really* didn't do it for me. I guess it's true when they say that the easiest things to learn are the ones you love doing. smile


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I've been playing bass on and off for almost two years now. Also I got a guitar last Christmas but I haven't had the time to get far with its study... smile

BTW, zen, do you usually post similar threads on different forums? tongue


I thought this place was unique and special... sad


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It basically allows you to download videos from sites such as http://video.google.com or http://youtube.com

BTW, you can also use mplayer to play *.flv files. smile

Enjoy! big_smile


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If you really wanted the book so bad, you could've parked as close as possible and then just walk to the library. tongue


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I think we've all heard about global warming, some more than others, but here's an interesting piece on global *dimming*:

http://chomskytorrents.org/DownloadTorr … rentID=788




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Read the announcement here:

http://mail-index.netbsd.org/netbsd-ann … /0000.html

Don't know who in here is cautious enough to not run -current pkgsrc though. tongue

/me goes and does a pkg_chk -su big_smile


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danv12 wrote:

Well not entirely true.  This was the hostname I setup for wintellect to build his server, and have not changed it since.  It was related to the whale as opposed to the one of of the baby production service.  You guys have a filthy mind!  Unless AccessExcess has changed his choice of poison from blood too tongue

Lies! All lies I say! tongue

Even so, danv12 is still a pervert for using Kopete. big_smile