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Guys i want to buy a digital camera not too much expensive, good quality in images and if posible compatibility with BSD, i'll apreciate your opinions. smile

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I have this camera

Fuji FinePix S3000

It mounts as a SCSI drive when connected to the usb port in FreeBSD.

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you'll want to look at the big three:

canon, nikon, fuji

kodak isn't too horrible

then check

and even if yourr camera isn't supported by bsd, get a media reader and that will always be supported.



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I'm not all that happy with Fuji, I used to own one and the pictures were blurry. My brother bought one not too long ago and that one, however, has a much better picture quality and as RoddieRod said, Fujis mount as a SCSI drive. I own a Kodak DX4530 camera that one is really nice, takes great pictures, videos but it will not mount as a SCSI drive in BSD or work with any other applications either, unfortunately but it does work fine when you put the card in a card reader. I used to own a Canon Digital IXUS, that one was a great camera but the fact that Canons usually don't take regular batteries is what made me buy a if you shoot a lot you may want to look into a camera that either only takes batteries or at least both cause those battery packs usually don't last that long and you really don't want to take a battery charger with you when you travel and have no power to charge them tongue can find regular batteries everywhere. Another thing is what is it you want to do with this camera, do you want to do this professionally or just take a snapshot now and then when you should write all those things down, see how much you want to spend, what features you really need in a camera, see if you can do with a battery pack or if you really need to be able to use regular batteries and then pick a few...

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BSDDomi i need the camera to take pics when i travel, parties time or whatever, but not professionally, just  i want the quality be decent, like you said i prefer cameras than can use regular batteries, can change or expand the capacity of storage for example buying a SD card or something like that, if i need buy a card reader to see the pics and video in the pc i can buy it too. I have seen some kodak cameras, but i don't like the quicktime format that they use for video, unless that format i'd can see it using mplayer on the pc. I think these are the features i need for a good camera. I going to try see a quicktime video in my openbsd box to discard problems with the quicktime format in my laptop. smile


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venotaku, the video files from a Kodak camera should be no problems, I have quite a few and both VLC and mplayer will play them just fine in BSD if you have all the necessary codecs that is.

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BSDDomi i installed mplayer from ports in OpenBSD 3.9 i'll need other codecs for play this format or with the standard codecs that came with mplayer is enough?


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venotaku, can't say anything about mplayer don't have it on this PC but I know that you definitely don't need the win32codecs for them to play and that even an old VLC 0.7.2 version standard options in NetBSD 3.0 will play the mov files just fine so don't worry.

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Ok BSDDomi then i'm going to see some kodak cameras, but what do you think guys about genius or hp cameras?

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Thanks zenlunatic with this information i can now be sure that kodak c330 is supported by gphoto! smile

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genius will probably be crap, hp isn't very good at all. i hope you do plenty of research on sites like the one i posted. you'll find out lots that you won't see at a store (like battery life, quality of pictures, etc.)

and just because some company is good does not mean that all their cameras are good. every company has very nice models, and some models just aren't successful. research each camera individually. for example, canon produced some very nice consumer level digital cameras (A-series), while the nikon coolpix were generally not as good. however, the nikon dslrs are widely regarded as better than canon's rebel series.

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There are a lot of slim cameras that are well suited for parties. I have a sub-SLR digi (fuji finepix S5500) It's perfect for my needs. I wanted something I could afford that was a nice black, decent interface, quality resolution, good buttons, light, etc. If I were getting a party camera to impress the ladies or something I'd go with something a lot more slim. I've gotten a few comments about how my camera looks a bit much for not being a photographer. As if a camera like mine doesn't belong at parties, shindigs and whatnot.

Mine uses xD cards which are super small. I like that, but it stays in my camera. I don't need any converter I just run a usb from my cam to laptop. Works fine in BSD regardless of the SCSI issue -  mounts as a dos partition fine and I use it with BSD often.

About the batteries, I use 4xAA's that are rechargable. They hold great and I rarely need to recharge. I got these and they're great: Power 2000

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dannyp that fuji finepix looks great! but i don't need such a thing, i prefer something little and cheaper for my intentions. When i have more economic capabilities i can see for fuji or nikon cameras, right now is too expensive for me. Thanks for your opinion. smile


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I'd go with Canon or Nikon, because they are making best (d)SLR's (by the way - do you want a point-and-shoot camera or single lens reflex one?), so they must make best cameras (both P&S and SLR) wink I haven't used a lot of cameras from other vendors, but I've heard that brands like Olympus, Fuji are good too.
to my mind, the things you should consider when buying a camera are:
*) SLR/P&S? SLR's are more expensive, have interchangeable lenses, have almost no noise when lighting conditions are low, but - they are bigger and, imho, they are a bit too expensive for amateurs (however, I would mind if I had one smile)
*) if camera isn't SLR (all SLR's have full manual controls, many point-and-shoot cameras don't) does it feature only automatic shooting modes or let you change the shutter speed/aperture/ISO speed/etc? I would recommend getting camera which have manual controls too, because it would help with making artistic photos
*) money you would like to invest in camera (if all cameras were equally priced almost everyone would choose Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II (body - ~ $6200) or Nikon D2Xs (body - $4700), or maybe use medium format camers like Mamiya or Hasselblad wink). if you don't have too serious needs maybe every camera with adequate functions and optics will do smile

One review site besides is where you also may find answers about many cameras.

I am currently owner of Canon Powershot A95 (discontinued now, replacement is A620, iirc) and Zenit E (soviet made analog camera), and am quite happy with both.

About compatibility with BSD - many cameras can be configured as USB mass storage devices so BSD should have no problems with accessing them, for others there exist opensource solutions like s10sh for Canon Powershots.

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i think canon and nikon cameras are among the best.. but then the branding and marketing translates to a higher cost too for these 2 branded cameras...

olympus cameras are good but their battery seems to run out pretty fast, ditto for sony..

seems like panasonic cameras are pretty not bad too...

might be too general but just a few cents worth.. smile

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I've noticed the battery thing about Olympus cameras too hmm.  I've heard some bad stuff about Canon related to standards and the like.  not sure what that means for BSD compatibility.

your best bet is probably searching for that huge digicam thread at BSDForums and browsing through it.

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Hey i will recommend you that you should buy a camera of the brand cannon or nikon and if you want to buy it at a discount price then you should buy it online at ebay.

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Herewith I would like to share some of the tips before buying a digital camera.

Match megapixels to your use: Most point-and-shoot cameras offer at least 5 megapixels, which is plenty for producing 11-by-14-inch prints. Cameras with more megapixels will yield even larger prints and allow you to blow up a part of an image with less likelihood that the print will be blurry. If you plan to make only 4-by-6-inch prints, you don't have to shoot at the camera's highest resolution--and as a result, you can fit more shots on your memory card.

Look for rechargeable batteries and a charger: The cost of disposable batteries adds up over the long run. Some cameras can use AA batteries of any type--disposable or rechargeable. That capability can be helpful if your rechargeable batteries run out of juice and you don't want to wait while they replenish.

Disregard digital zoom: Most cameras offer at least 3X optical zoom--and some boast an optical zoom as high as 20X. But sometimes vendors tout a high total zoom that includes digital zoom, which you should disregard: Digital zoom produces photos that are inferior to those produced with an optical zoom.

Look for a low-light focusing aid: Some cameras have auxiliary lights that help them focus in dim settings. That's important for many indoor shots.

Try the camera before you buy: Some cameras have commands and menus that are easier to use than others, a comparison you can make only with a hands-on trial. Also evaluate the lag time between when you press the shutter button and when the camera actually takes the picture. Try the zoom lens--does it operate quickly and smoothly? Find out how long you must wait between taking pictures. And try the LCD viewfinder--in the sun if possible--to determine how easy it is to read.