Topic: SSH disconnection

Dear person, me have a problem.

My ssh connection dies quite often, too often. Mostly after I've been idle for a while but it happened a couple of times while active as well.

I use to have the server in my LAN and everything worked just fine (from the outside as well). I made no changes to my configuration but I moved the server to a friend of mine. He has a D-Link router (can't remember exact name/type, I can come back with that) in front of it, redirecting ports, doing NAT etc. Before I re-located the server I did that on the same machine as the ssh daemon is running on.

I tried running my ssh-client with DEBUG3, but it gave me nothing. I just started logging the server with DEBUG3 to see if that may give me any clues. How ever, I can't see how that would be a problem since it worked flawlessly until I moved the computer. By logic, it should be the router who is causing my problems..

Any one with similar problems or solutions? Know anything about D-Link routers that I can make use of? Do you have any suggestions at all how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.

Re: SSH disconnection


I think you need KeepAlive Yes option in both ssh client and ssh server configs to handle this issue.