Topic: Create new BSD magazine?

Hi FreeBSD users!   

We have just decided to start a new FreeBSD devoted magazine.   
To meet your expectation, I would like to invite you to active cooperation in creating new magazine.     
What do you think about creating a FreeBSD magazine? Waste of time? Perfect niche?
What about the profil of magazine? Have you got any special themes, you would like to read about?   

What do you think about regular sections such as:   

1. What's new 
   (about newly released and future FreeBSD projects, IT events and other FreeBSD related issues) 
2. Get start it!   
   (theory through practice! - that is how to install, configure and     work with different FreeBSD based programs, applications) 
3. How-Tos 
   (Step-by-step tutorials showing instructions on how to accomplish a specific task) 
4. Admin 
   (administration section) 
5. mms (Multimedia Section) 
6. Tips & Trics 
   (a regular section where you'll find many useful tips & tricsc) 
7. Let's Talk 
8. In the next issue 
   (You'll find here a clue what you can expect in the next issue) 

Finally,  which title and profil of magazine would you prefer to get:   
1. *BSD magazine - which would appeal to a wider range of users ( it would be intended to FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD)   
2. FreeBSD magazine - totally devoted to FreeBSD and FreeBSD - related issues 

Please, don't hesitate to inform us about all your suggestions...   
In other wordd: help us to create the FreeBSD magazine you need ... 

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Re: Create new BSD magazine?

Please see this topic:

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