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The following is a real email just sent out by our Tech Support Guy. It made my day so I'd thought I'd share:

We have been experiencing problems with our voicemail system including a voicemail light that won't go off and a light that doesn't' come on when you may have messages. We have contacted Voice Comm in Oakland and they are taking care of the problem. In the interim, please check your messages periodically until we have confirmation that the problem is fixed. Thank you and we apologize for the incontinence.

Rxxx Rxxxx
Computer Tech Support III
Community Care Behavioral Health
1 Chatham Center, 7th floor

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i don't get it. sad

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hahahaha. the last word, lucas. "incontinence." look it up. hahaha.

it took me a couple of reads.

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Don't get it, not worth figuring out.  No offense.

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I also had to look it up:

Incontinence is the lack of voluntary control of excretory functions; the term is a contraction of a complete expression, such as "incontinence of urine" or "incontinence of feces".


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