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I'm on a mission to find a good broadband provider here in London, the reason for this is because BT decided to cap both our dsl lines this week, we have top of the range dsl lines from them, its the 8Mb down and 865Kb up and pay them a small fortune for these lines and when I found out the they dropped our bandwidth it was the last straw. How can an ISP just cap dsl lines with out even warning us? Now we have two dsl lines and it feels like we are back in 1995 with the speed we are getting from them.

NTL is not an option because there network for some weird reason is not in our area.

In the hunt for broadband providers I made peace with three things, the high prices, slow speeds and the fact that I'm stuck with BT copper cables. And this is in the city of London. Where is the fiber?

So far the two options I found that looks promising are and

I would love to go for least lines but at

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I've emailed Hamba already direct, but for what's worth it, I'm a UK broadband specialist. If any of you need help or info re UK broadband please email me or visit my website,



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Thanks for the mail but I will have pretty much the same problem with tiscali, breaking the fair usage policy, and that is what I need to get rid off, although there dsl prices are very good.