Topic: battery replacement schedule?

This question isn't so much related to system administration standpoint as much as it is hardware management.

How often do you change the battery in your PC's?

I have a number of PC which have been migrated to server roles running 24/7.  Since I have all them synchronized to a common local NTP time server (getting time through GPS...), I don't see them losing time anymore, but at some point I should probably replace the batteries. 

Do you:
*    replace batteries yearly?
*    replace batteries whenever you think of it (rarely)?
*    never replace batteries?

Re: battery replacement schedule?

I never replace them. Haven't seen any battery failures in actively used systems either. I'd expect them to last 5

Re: battery replacement schedule?

I only replaced a battery once in my life I think.

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Re: battery replacement schedule?

I used to work at a computer shop, repairing customer PC's, In 3 years, I think I've only seen a two or three battery failures, and all on old P1 and older ...

I would say that once every 5 years would be more than enough ...

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