Topic: OpenBSD-amd64 with Linux-i386 Binary Emulation?

I have a Thinkpad T61 that I currently have a pretty broken install of FreeBSD-i386 on.  I am considering installing OpenBSD on it.  As this is my only and primary machine (besides lab computers at school) things like Flash-support are pretty important to me.  Maxlor has a guide on his website for recompiling the FreeBSD-amd64 kernel for Linux-i386 binary support, does OpenBSD have a similar option?

Also, do any of the *BSDs support suspend and SMP?  The choice between the use of both cores and suspend is a pretty ugly one.

Re: OpenBSD-amd64 with Linux-i386 Binary Emulation?

kce wrote:

OpenBSD have a similar option?

The OpenBSD project does not advocate recompiling the kernel unless there is a specific reason to do so.  For more information, see Section 5.6 of the FAQ:

However, build instructions can be found in Section 5.3.4:

Also, do any of the *BSDs support suspend and SMP?

OpenBSD provides a for expressly this reason.  Section 4.6 covers this topic:

As a newcomer to OpenBSD, you will save yourself much time & aggravation by taking the time now to study the entire FAQ.

Re: OpenBSD-amd64 with Linux-i386 Binary Emulation?

I'm aware of (and agree with) OpenBSD's recommendation to avoid unnecessary kernel compilation.  In particular I was wondering if the OpenBSD kernel supported i386 linux binary emulation on amd64 platform.  I looked through GENERIC for amd64 and couldn't find any mention of it so either I was looking for the wrong thing, missed seeing it and/or it's not supported.  I was hoping someone else here had wanted this support as well and could tell me if it existed.

As for kernel, I'm aware of that as well.  I was wondering if it supported suspend (s3).  The current state of FreeBSD lends a nice hardlock when you try to suspend while using SMP.

In my defense I have read most of the FAQ and did some googling first but couldn't find anything.  A recurring problem I'm having with *BSDs is finding the right questions to ask and the right place to ask them.  Perhaps experience will avail me.


EDIT: According the FAQ for their amd64 port, suspend is NOT supported.  Bummer. :-(

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