Topic: freeBSD, Samba and locks


We've here some problems with Samba on a freeBSD-Server.

Samba Version 3.0.25a

The problem is about locking of open files. For example when a user A opens a excel-sheet and a user B also opens the same file, user B won't only open this file as read-only.
We moved from a Windows Server to a freebsd based one about 2 weeks ago and we also had some problems with dbs and mdb files.
Then I was able to fix the problem with the following entry under the global section in the smb.conf

veto oplock files = /*.mdb/*.MDB/*.dbf/*.DBF

We have the problems with the office documents since 2 days and I can't remember to have something changed in samba config.

I also red this article. … 05_05.html

Now I'm wondering if someone got some more experiences with samba and the way locks are handled?
Does freeBSD support kernel oplocks?

Thanks for your help