Topic: Advice sought for my /etc/pf.conf please

I'm running 4.3-STABLE as my home gateway.  I have a static IP address from my ISP on interface vr0 and I use a switch to attach my home network to interface re0 on the gateway.  My internet usage is pretty light and consists of the 'usual' home internet tasks (web browsing, checking mail, downloading pron, etc).  I've ordered a copy of the The Book of PF but it hasn't arrived yet.  I've read the man page and I've read some tutorials on the internet but I'm still unsure and am hoping the Book will clarify things for me.  In the mean time, I've put this together and wanted to get some thoughts from experienced PF users:


set skip on lo

scrub in

nat on $ext_if from !$ext_if to any -> $ext_if

block in
pass quick on $int_if
pass out
antispoof quick on { lo $int_if }

I'm not sure about the 'pass quick' appearing before the 'pass out'.  Also, I'm not sure about how I'd set up a block drop in on $ext_if and a block return in on $int_if using the fact that block drop is the default for PF.

Any suggestions or hints would be appreciated.