Topic: NetBSD 4.0 and Perl

Hi everyone, I have tired to install perl, from pkgsrc and download tar file and install it again and again. I think something wrong, perl doesn't work right, I mean I have eggdrop irc bot and have installed sysinfo tcl, but when I have run !sysinfo the bot tells me "Perl script is not executable or doesn't exist." But when  I try to run perl sysinfo script who eggdrop bot must runs - I mean localy throught terminal ... tells me some errors, but works, but not right sad

# ./
Argument "" isn't numeric in multiplication (*) at ./ line 660.
Hostname: nt001 - OS: NetBSD 4.0/i386 - CPU: AMD Duron (686-class), 1798.39 MHz - Processes: 58 - Uptime: 4h 41m - Users: 3 - Load Average: 0.00 - Memory Usage: 0.00MB/511.56MB (0.00%) - Disk Usage: 3.71GB/17.46GB (21.23%)

Argument "" isn't numeric in multiplication and memory usage 0% ?  .... I think there seriosly something wrong sad can anybody help/? Or give me advice?

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