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is it possible to run commands like this with sudo?

echo "ssh-rsa AAAAAAAA=" > /home/larz/.ssh/authorized_keys

the part of the command that needs sudo isn't the echo, but writing it to the file in another user's directory. as a result, this doesn't work:

% sudo echo "ssh-rsa AAAAAAAA=" > /home/larz/.ssh/authorized_keys
[zsh: permission denied: /home/larz/.ssh/authorized_keys]



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Re: sudo question

You're using zsh so I'm not sure of the format, but this worked for with with plain old sh:

sudo sh -c 'echo "ssh-rsa AAAAAA=" > /home/larz/.ssh/authorized_keys'

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Re: sudo question

yeah already noticed that it will run echo with sudo and > with user account.

Nice idea RoddieRod

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Re: sudo question

only eight additional keystrokes smile

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