Topic: NetBSD so far....... great. After an hour I got X and my network configured. (I'm learning it in Vmware first).

Now, I'm pulling my hair out with apache2!!
I got it to install, and I copied the httpd.conf file over from my other server. I ran into some issues, and fixed them by editing that file a few times.

NOW, I get no errors when running "apachectl start" , but when I enter "localhost" into my web browser it cannot connect...
When I run "ps -ax | grep http" I get no results. Apache is not running..

I'm really confused.

Any suggestions? neutral

Re: NetBSD so far.......

Ok, I've got nginx installed now instead. The only issue is when I try to serve php pages it reports "502 Bad Gateway"..

Any help is appreciated!

Re: NetBSD so far.......

Hello K.Y.A,

I don't know nginx as I never installed it. You could have run apachectl configtest to check your apache config maybe.

Hope you'll get it working soon.

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