Topic: new colo facility question

My company recently got a new 1/2 rack to colo in, and received this question:

Will you be doing all routing on this IP address block or do you need us to do it?

By default, we do the routing of your IPs, unless you prefer to do your own routing. If this is the case, we can statically route your IPs to a /29.

I'm not sure what we currently do is called, but this is it:

all our servers have 10.x LAN address and the BSD PF firewall mounts all the external ip addresses in our /27.  PF then has NAT, RDR and PASS/BLOCK rules.  We do not run any hardware routers, only unmanaged switches and the BSD PF machine.

So that said, do I want the datacenter to do the routing?

Re: new colo facility question

Hm, interesting setup you have there. So your firewall ends up aliasing all public IPs for all the servers you have? In that case, I'm guessing it doesn't really matter whether they route it for you or not.

Typically, when you do the routing yourself, you have a router that connects your network to the hoster's network. If you let them do the routing, you can connect all your machines directly to the hoster's network. At least that's how I'm interpreting what you wrote there wink