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hello everyone im new here and althought i've had netbsd installed for quite some time im still not an expert yet lol

but im currently studying computing at uni and we recently did a unit on unix so i thought its time to brush up on my skills and get my server back into gear!

so yeah just wanted to introduce myself and a heads up to all the gurus out there coz i will be asking lots and lots of questions^^

oh and the reason why i chose netbsd is because it seems to work really well with my systems and i heard lots of positive comments about it...  i was also considering openbsd and freebsd but the fact that netbsd is just clean and fits in 1 disk really did it for me.

anyways im here to learn and help where possible.  i'm interseted in doing as many cool things as possible on my server and to really get it up and running and pretty much just getting as much use out of it as i possibly can.  hope i've come to the right place for all that smile

oh and i forgot to introduce myself, it's Megan <3

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Hi and welcome, Megan. I hope you'll enjoy tinkering with BSD.

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Welcome Megan

<wintellect> NetBSD users are smart enough to accept that there's no 3D support tongue

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