Topic: building dovecot

I'm a newbie.

I'm trying to install dovecot on i386 5.1. make show-options shows default options "kqueue ssl". I don't know what kqueue is, nor what it's alternative is (how can I find a description of an option using more words than 1 sentence?) .

I want sieve and ssl, and the dovecot documentation seems to say I need pam or bdsauth for authentication. So, I added to mk.conf:

PKG_OPTIONS.dovecot="ssl pam kqueue dovecot-sieve"

But make complains that "ssl pam" are not supported. So, if I remove pam make show-options shows the selected options are "ssl kqueue". If I remove kqueue, it says the selected options are "ssl kqueue"...

Is there a way to compile with sieve support and ssl? Or, am I making a syntax error?

Re: building dovecot

kqueue is a kernel service for letting applications know when files or directories change. Using it will usually yield slightly better performance (since you don't need to poll files/directories for changes), but you might not notice it, and cross-platform code like dovecot works without it too.

As you noticed, ssl support you can enable through th eport's options. For sieve support, install the dovecot-sieve port in addition to dovecot.

Re: building dovecot

Thanks Maxlor. I am not aware of ports like ports in openbsd for netbsd 5.1. I only see binary packages and source packages, using pkgsrc. In pkgsrc there is only a dovecot package, no dovecot-sieve, and dovecot-sieve is a build option for dovecot.

make show-options in the dovecot package source directory prints:

Any of the following general options may be selected:


At most one of the following ssl options may be selected:


These options are enabled by default:

kqueue ssl

Thes options are currently enabled:

kqueue ssl

This is with mk.conf containing PKG_OPTIONS.dovecot="ssl dovecot-sieve"

Ideas anyone?