Topic: httpd encryption

How was sshd made so that its encrypted, where they cant make httpd traffic encrypted w/o like ssl? Or actually that goes for many other daemons, including ftpd and more.

For example, Linux had at least two completely independent USB stacks before Linus Torvalds rejected them both and wrote a third one from scratch, after he found both existent Linux  stacks unsatisfactory.  (When pressed for an explanation as to why he selected the API he did, Torvalds stated: "because I wanted to."

Re: httpd encryption

The same reason rsh req'd ssh to be encrypted.  It just so happens that ssh handles it all from the get go - it is still a client/server set up so if you want the same thing for http, you have to have a webserver that handles encryption out of the box.  In Apache's case, this is handled by a module. (the program formerly known as vii)