Topic: CUPS has done it again

Let's hear it for the brand new spanking cups upgrade.  FreeBSD wise, no mention of the config changes in UPDATING or pkg-mesg.  One has to forcibly remove cups-lpr before installing, only found by trial and error--a mention of it in a PR, but nothing plainly saying, first remove cups-lpr.

Major changes in the config file, according to the cups page, just go to your web interface and set it up there.  No mention on the main web page of what changes one should make with the config file--the old one didn't work, but of course, neither did the new one.

No parallel port option given in the web interface--use it with lpadmin and get device not found .

Thank God I did it on a test box first.  Though I didn't realize it was a major upgrade, after it broke everything, I used packages from another machine.  Then, because I'd already removed cups-lpr, I got an error message that pkgconf-whatever wasn't found.

So, I copied over the port's directory from another machine and reinstalled it that way.

Sigh, they had actually had it working relatively well for awhile, to the point where I began to believe it no longer stood for Can't Usually Print Stuff.

Googling a bit found others with similar problems, though the no parallel device seems to have been caused in some Linux machines by not adding a module here or there. 

Yes, I 'm sure that if I spend some time going through docs I'll be able to find out how to get it to work.  Assuming it's not completely broken, it'll probably only take 45 minutes to find the one or two lines that should be easily found.  Oh yeah, no more sam.pfd and html in the docs.  Also, (shown on their bugs page) many of the help pages are simply non-existent.

I suspect that many busy system admins who upgrade in a moment of optimism are going to be rather annoyed.    Yes, RTFM and all that, but there is also POLA involved.  I'm sorry, for something as basic as printing, especially when it had gotten to the point of more or less, "Just Works(TM <with luck> make the freaken changes obvious and easy to find. 

The cups web page gives a list of all sorts of improvements, but, although no doubt, an upgrade path may be found on their web page it's not there at first glance.

Doing a search indicates that parallel:/dev/lpt0 should still work, but it didn't.

Ok, I've vented, I feel better. On my home machine, I have to have it working, I'll have more time to play with it on a workstation at work. 

Still, though I'm sure the solutions are there somewhere, it should be right on their front page, or at least in the first 10 hits in their faq.

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Re: CUPS has done it again

A brief follow up.  There is a PR on a similar problem here.  Someone provided a workaround that works for me.  However, there are other problems--printing from an MS machine gave me the error that application octet-stream is not supported--this used to be the way to allow MS machines to print with client drivers.  When I tried commenting it out, I was asked if I had the raw file printing rules enabled. 

At this point, I don't feel like investigating.  I also wonder, since the new docs don't seem to go into as much detail as the old sam.html on lpadmin--which has an absolutely horrendous man page--I've never seen a man page that lists options without an explanation of what the options do before, what someone new to cups will think when they try to add a printer connected by a parallel port.

<@andre> i would be so much more efficient if i wasn't so stupid