Topic: NYCBSDCon 2006

We are proud the announce the opening of registration for NYCBSDCon
2006, in addition to the list of confirmed speakers.

NYCBSDCon 2006 will be held October 28 and 29 at Columbia University in
New York City.  Last year's NYCBSDCon 2005 was the first, but this
year's has been extended to include more speakers, activities and the
opportunity for more networking with the best and the brightest of the
BSD community.

To register, please go to

For those registering before October 21, registration is only $95, which
includes continental breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday,
plus beverages throughoutthe event. From October 22 through October 27,
the registration cost increases to $145, and walk-ins during the
conference will pay $195.  So register early to take advantage of the
reasonable early-bird pricing.  Columbia University students, staff and
faculty, with valid identification, may register in person for only $50
onsite at the conference.

While the schedule will be worked out during the next week, the
confirmed speakers are listed at

NYCBSDCon is sponsored by the New York City *BSD User Group.

Re: NYCBSDCon 2006

hmm 95 bucks?  I'm not sure I can afford it this year.


Re: NYCBSDCon 2006

Only $95??? Nice least you get breakfast and lunch with it not that I could go there anyway lol..NYC is too far away..

Re: NYCBSDCon 2006

I'd rather it be somewhere around $50 and not get the free meals and drinks.  oh well.


Re: NYCBSDCon 2006

I wouldn't even spend $50. I was at Mac Expo in Cologne about two years ago and I got in free and without the free coupon it was like 10 Euro or so I think without meals and drinks...Apple was there, Adobe, all the big names and they had events there as well, all free...

Re: NYCBSDCon 2006

To be fair, those are some huge companies that could, I'm sure, very well afford all of the expenses involved with the expo.  $50 would definitely be pushing it for me, but I'd probably pay it.  $95 just seems kind of ridiculous.

Re: NYCBSDCon 2006

ditto to everything Asemi has said

For example, Linux had at least two completely independent USB stacks before Linus Torvalds rejected them both and wrote a third one from scratch, after he found both existent Linux  stacks unsatisfactory.  (When pressed for an explanation as to why he selected the API he did, Torvalds stated: "because I wanted to."

Re: NYCBSDCon 2006

Although I am obviously biased, a big difference between NYCBSDCon and Mac Expo (assuming its like the one they used to have in NYC a few years back) would be that the NYCBSD Con will have presenters who discuss technical topics.  At the Mac Expo (again in NYC only, can't speak for all of them) you could get in for free to see all the vendors who want to sell you their products or choose to pay several hundred dollars for technical courses.  smile