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Due to the fact that this wasnt really discussed or planned in any real fashion I figure I might as well enjoy my little mark on the forums.

What mac(s) do you currently own and use? what mac(s) have you owned and used in the past?



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I support, more or less, several OSX Macs, mostly running tiger, though I believe one is running Panther, used by our graphic designers.  In addition, there are two more Macs used by other people, simply due to some odd politics at our company.  I'm hoping to put a copy of Tiger on another, older G3 so that I have one to break and fix, which will of course, give me more insight into it.  At present, I get quite nervous about it as I don't know Macs very well. 

On the other hand, it impresses the users when I open up terminal windows to check stuff.   smile

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I've always had macs, since system 7 maybe? Once Mac OS X came out I discovered the whole linux/bsd scene. My main machine is still an iBook G4 running 10.4.

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I suppose I should give it a go Im actually going to go a bit off topic here but whatever

I live in canada, we have this bar called macintosh, its basically just toffee. Well when I was really really little we were pretty poor so buying a candy bar was a really special treat. That company at some point in time had an offer to win a mac about the time that I was really little. My mom said something along the lines of we will enter and maybe we could win a computer. I didnt really know what a computer was but I sure knew what an apple macintosh was. I believe it was a Mac Classic I know it was the all in one. From that point on Apple and Macs were stuck in my head. I have a toy box to this day that is still adorned with one of the origional Apple computer Stickers with the brilliant colors.

Some time in 96 I think a relative died or something like that and we got a hold of some money. It was either a vacation or a computer. We had decided on a computer. 2600 dollars went to the purchase of a seanix box (a canadian company I think, it was a p1 233 mmx with 16 megs of ram maybe a GB of harddrive and windows 95) I was crushed. My mom worked in the office world and saw no reason to buy a mac as that wasnt where the future was going, very logical I guess.

In 99 or 2000 I became aware of the clamshell ibooks they were so sexy. I wanted one for chistmas, I even said something along the lines of I wanted one for christmas, but when ever I was asked again I didnt want to seem so grandeous so I would ask for wool socks. This has been a recuring theme wanting a mac for chistmas and then saying wool socks.

During my highschool years I was in a remedial room for my learning disability, they had a bunch of imacs. It was all right I suppose, I really didnt like the round mouse, but they were still sexy.

When I "graduated" Highschool in 2003 we moved to calgary, I was pretty heavy into Counter-Strike at that time and chatting with all of my friends so unfortunately the mac never really worked out for me in that way. However buy the time i was mid way through 2004 I found this really dingy computer store and they sold all sorts of crap. I believe my first mac that I ever bought was a Mac IIci, it was awesome. there were like 8 ram slots so in theory you could get 128 megs of ram maxed out on the board, I was very excited. I ended up buying alot of 68k Macs around then. I think I had some 20 old 68k's and while they were great I really was just doing it because it was cheap and I could.

Around that same time I got into linux and was buying PC's too, it was allright, none of them were of any really greatness, they just filled a void and a desire to buy computer crap. Oneday while purusing the the shop I found her, the mac that I saw actually being able to satisfy my every desire. It was a PowerMacintosh 6500/275 I was in love. Due to an increasing habit of buying computers I was un able to spend the money on this bad boy simply because I didnt have any cash. I talked to the shop owner and he was going to let me trade one of my AMD k62 500mhz slackware box for this computer. I was so happy. I could actually say that I was a mac user now. carrying the beast home was a bit of a challenge though, it was super heavy.

That 6500 lasted me quite some time I could pretty much do anything I needed to on it and Mac OS 9.1 still had a following so there was still software being made for it and everything was pretty simple just the way I like my computers. However being the kinda person I am I wanted to play with it I wanted to take it apart I wanted to do alot with it, and I ended up killing it with a lack of respect. To this day I look high and low for this mac, searching and searching but I havent found one.

The next major mac that I purchased was a clamshell ibook. That probably would have been sometime in December of 2004 I had a good time with that clamshell I book. I ended up runnning Debian on it just because I didnt want to run OS 8.6 and debian was cool. I had learned a thing or two about respect for the mac and I didnt take this apart or demolish it or anything of the sort. However at some point i got bored of it, it was a great machine, but it just wasnt what I was looking for in a computer. A friend of mine came to town from away and needed a computer, so I sold him my ibook. If you can believe it over the course of something like 6 months, he had managed to completely trash the thing, the cd bevel was busted off the keyboard was actually missing letters and some of  the ones still there didnt work, in order to make sentences you could have to copy and paste letters in. It wasnt my laptop anymore, but I still felt really bad inside.

Fastforward now to january of 2006. I had just quit my job at the company that I was working at. I had a couple of checks comming my way one for the holiday rush and one for all of my vacation pay rounded up. After having a slew of computers in the last quarter of 2005, I was ready for something better, something that would last and something that I loved. With a new found respect for not demolishing computers and a desire to have uninx at my fingertips I decided that it was time once again to buy a mac. I had gone to another semi well known used computer shop here in calgary to see if they had anything good in stock, to my suprise they had a 800mhz quicksilver, it didnt really take long to make that choice and I said I would take it. I went up to the counter, got out my debit card and swiped away.... Can you believe it all the money that I had put into my account was  on hold? I was out raged. I said that I would return in one weeks time and was assured that the computer would still be there when I got back they said they would even hold it for me. A week passed and there I was at the counter ready to grab my mac. Another suprise, they had sold it on me. I wasnt  going to let this little speed bump crush me I wandered around, but there was nothing there that really tickled my fancy. Knowing that I was a little bumbed out one of the shop keeps came over and asked if I wouldnt mind taking a look at a Dual G4 450. It was the styling of the Quicksilver, however it was better than those 333mhz imacs staring me down and laughing at me. with some reluctance I took the machine home, installed OSX and was quite happy for a very long time.

Now around april of 2006 school was comming to a close, I had done rather poorly and all wasnt bright. I was even told that it might be a good Idea if I looked for a place to live other than the house of my mother. with alot of uneasyness surounding me I traded in the Dual G4 450 for an Ibm thinkpad. I didnt think I would be able to move the mac around and I wanted something that would be portable and easy to move with.

The summer of 2006 was quite a change for me, I had been on my own for the first time, I had been making alot of mistakes and there was just a general  sense of uncoolness surounding that summer. I even went as far as to sell my ibm thinkpad because I had made some errors and needed the money to eat. I was very upset with myself. However as with all things time fixes a great deal of things. Near the end of the summer I got the internet, a new thinkpad and a roof over my head, all was looking better.

One of the things that I had become aware of lately was the sheer lack of lust for *BSD, I know that sounds like a terrible thing, but there has just been alot of work that I one needs to do to make the system feel good to you, and there is so much flexibility you can get lost in it all. knowing that I did like BSD and that there was some very good points to what made it be what it is, I figured that the only way that I could get BSD and a good simple computing atmosphere would be if I went back to the wonderful world of mac. I had posted on the internet that I wanted to trade my thinkpad X30 for a similar spec'd mac. I waited and waited it seemed to have taken forever for anyone to respond. However someone did respond. We both seemed to meet each others wants. He wasnt really a big fan of the ibook or mac in general and just bought his laptop to play around with it, he was also a huge thinkpad fan. I didnt want to run an os that didnt make sense to me, and I loved macs. It was a great fit. We made the trade and all is well so far in my universe. I ended up with:

Apple Ibook:

G4 1.07ghz ppc processor
768Mb of ram
80gb harddrive
14.1 inch screen

running Tiger.

And thats my story


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the first Apple I used was an Apple IIe in 4th grade I think.  we played the Oregon Trail and other equally stupid games on it.

the first Macintosh I used was in middle school sometime when the computer lab was full of them.  the students only had access to the machines through a restricted account, so all we got to see was that stupid "At Ease" folder.  not that there's much of OS 9 to see anyways.

the first OS X computer I used was a 12" G4 PowerBook.  I had it for a little less than a year during my first year of university.  it was a great little comptuer, but I ended up selling it because I didn't really need or want a laptop at the time.

my current OS X computer is a 13" MacBook.  it's the most basic configuration (1.83 Ghz Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard drive), but I love it.  it was cheap (1049 USD) and it works great as my desktop machine.  the first one I got had the infamous random shutdown issue and would power off if I maxed out the CPU for about thirty seconds.  I brought it back to the Apple Store and it powered off while they were trying to check the logs, so they swapped it out for a brand new one.  I haven't had any issues with this one at all, and it's still going strong after about two months smile.

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Well the High School I went to was the same school that one of the Executives of Apple (at the time) went to. So he gave the school district a bunch of Apple IIe machines for free, before that we programmed on HP machines that used card readers!!

So in 9th grade I started programming on the Apple IIe. My computer teacher was a real geek and I learned how the program in Binary and Assembler...the good old days smile

Fast forward about 20 years and I bought a PowerMAC 8500/120 off of ebay, I got a G3 processor card for it and hack OS X on to it. About 2 years later I bought a G4 866 (I think it was) and ran Panther, did some photo processing and multimedia stuff but I thought the machine was too slow and gave it to a friend. I now have a Mac Mini PPC that I use for doing taxes, convert some video file that I can't do on BSD, but mostly it just sits in the corner being quite. Sometimes I fire up Ice Wind Dale on it....

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12" G3 Ibook
G4 450 PowerMac
17" PowerBook

& a couple of weeks ago I was given
2x G3 PowerBooks (Lombard & Prismo)
2x B&W G3 PowerMac's
1x Snow White G3 iMac

All running Tiger or Tiger Server apart from the lombard which runs Panther.

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Venture37 wrote:

& a couple of weeks ago I was given
2x G3 PowerBooks (Lombard & Prismo)
2x B&W G3 PowerMac's
1x Snow White G3 iMac

I hate you... smile

"An educator never says what he himself thinks, but only that which he thinks it is good for those whom he is educating to hear."

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hehe, gotta love the simple thinking of mac users sometime.
all those machines where given to me as dead or faulty.
the iMac worked fine after I upgraded the firmware & installed OS X on it.
the 2 B&W's worked fine after OS X was installed on them
& the PowerBooks just needed their batteries removing cause they're dead.
not bad for

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I personally own just one Mac, a G4/450 Sawtooth with a PC power supply...The replacement Apple power supply was too pricy for my old employer to fix the machine, so I got it for free and hacked an ATX extension to just let me run a PC power supply. Works great.

At work, I admin a bunch of OS X clients and one OS X Server machine. The clients are a mix of older "lamp-style" iMacs, some of the first-gen etch-a-sketch-style iMacs, a quicksilver dual 800, a dual G5 Power Mac and my Core Duo iMac. All of them run 10.4.8.

OS X has a few quirks that really annoy me. The primary one is ATSServer sutpidity. Our home dirs live on AFP. I have starting when I log in. I have a font installed in my user's ~/Library/Fonts, so it's portable across machines. I have that font selected as my terminal's font. 3/4 of the time, ATSServer generally doesn't start up early enough and my terminal runs with the default font. I just kill ATSServer, let it get restarted automatically and then kill/restart, but it's silly. Everything I'm doing is "supported," but the magic combination of things results in broken behavior.

The Xserve is a dual G4 machine with 2G RAM. It runs Server 10.4.8. I hate OS X Serrver. It's nice if you don't ever try to do anything non-standard with it, but in our case we need PHP to talk to Oracle. Apple's draconian updates don't allow you to disinclude portions of the updates, so when they dump out an update of PHP, we have problems. There are two solutions to this problem: 1) we move everything PHP-related out of the way of Apple's updates. This means Squirrelmail, most likely Apache, PHP itself, etc. 2) we just rebuild PHP every time Apple's updates walk all over it. Right now I'm using option two. It's probably not the most elegant solution, but it keeps us away from managing all the other related packages individually. I'd much rather have our web stuff be on a FreeBSD box, so I could just do all the PHP-related things in ports...I know I could do the same with OS X Server and DarwinPorts or Fink, but part of the point of OS X Server is to have vendor-supplied updates.

What's up with Apple's QA for the third-party software packaged with OS X Server? They broke Squirrelmail when they did a PHP update once, even though it was a known problem with a known solution (a one-line change to the PHP source) months before they packaged that particular version of PHP. This tells me two things: 1) no one at Apple uses OS X Server's built-in webmail, and 2) no one at Apple bothers to really check the third-party software in OS X Server for any bugs of this sort. Not encouraging.

I'm seriously considering using the Server machine just for OD and homedir storage, then migrating everything I care about on the web side to a FreeBSD box.