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I'm having some trouble getting this to run properly.

this is the config file I'm using:


it starts up fine and I can connect, but when someone else connects, or sometimes randomly, I just get disconnected.  /var/log/messages shows this after the disconnects.

Mar 17 03:40:52 crashoverride ircd[11355]: Sat Mar 17 03:40:17 2007 (  0:00:36): nobody@ [nobody] 0

any ideas?

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Strange. I can't say that I know much about running IRC servers, but I have always wanted to smile

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What ircd is this? The very old one in OpenBSD pkgs/ports?

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yeah, sorry, I meant to post the version info.  it's ircd 2.10.3p1 from OpenBSD ports.

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Try to avoid that. I don't think it's maintained anymore. Aside from the arcane config file syntax, it's feature-starved and generally unstable. Try setting up IRCu (Undernet) or ratbox (EFNet). They both compile and run well on OpenBSD. You're going to have to go out of packages/ports for both though, but it's a snap.

If you get IRCu + GNUWorld (services) up and running, consider linking with me? You can see both at work via (standard port 6667) and But I think you've already been there, asemi. On the server I mean.

Good luck, have fun.

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thanks for the suggestions, mish.  I'm checking out IRCu and the GNUworld services right now.  once I'm done updating to 4.0-stable I'll give them a shot!