Topic: FreeBSD: Google Summer of Code 2007

Congratulations to the successful students and their FreeBSD Project mentors for participating in another productive Google Summer of Code. This program encourages students to contribute to an open source project over the summer break with generous funding from Google.  We have had a total of over 50 successful students working on FreeBSD as part of this program in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  These student projects included security research, improved installation tools, filesystems work, new utilities, and more. Many of the students have continued working on their FreeBSD projects even after the official close of the program.  We have gained many new FreeBSD committers from previous summer of code projects already, and more are in the process.

Projects 2007:

Congratulation to all of the students :-) There are many interesting projects, like KVM, among these.


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