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FreeBSD 7 has been officially released. Here's the release announcment:

Ken Smith wrote:

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability
of FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE.  This is the first release from the 7-STABLE branch
which introduces many new features along with many improvements to
functionality present in the earlier branches.  Some of the highlights:

  - Dramatic improvements in performance and SMP scalability shown by various
    database and other benchmarks, in some cases showing peak performance
    improvements as high as 350% over FreeBSD 6.X under normal loads and
    1500% at high loads.  When compared with the best performing Linux
    kernel (2.6.22 or 2.6.24) performance is 15% better.  Results are from
    benchmarks used to analyze and improve system performance, results with
    your specific work load may vary.  Some of the changes that contribute
    to this improvement are:

        * The 1:1 libthr threading model is now the default.
        * Finer-grained IPC, networking, and scheduler locking.
        * A major focus on optimizing the SMP architecture that was
          put in place during the 5.x and 6.x branches.

    Some benchmarks show linear scaling up to 8 CPUs.  Many workloads see
    a significant performance improvement with multicore systems.
  - The ULE scheduler is vastly improved, providing improved performance
    and interactive response (the 4BSD scheduler is still the default for
    7.0 but ULE may become the default for 7.1).
  - Experimental support for Sun's ZFS filesystem.
  - gjournal can be used to set up journaled filesystems, gvirstor can
    be used as a virtualized storage provider.
  - Read-only support for the XFS filesystem.
  - The unionfs filesystem has been fixed.
  - iSCSI initiator.
  - TSO and LRO support for some network drivers.
  - Experimental SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) support
    (FreeBSD's being the reference implementation).
  - Much improved wireless (802.11) support.
  - Network link aggregation/trunking (lagg(4)) imported from OpenBSD.
  - JIT compilation to turn BPF into native code, improving packet capture
  - Much improved support for embedded system development for boards
    based on the ARM architecture.
  - jemalloc, a new and highly scalable user-level memory allocator.
  - freebsd-update(8) provides officially supported binary upgrades
    to new releases in addition to security fixes and errata patches.
  - X.Org 7.3, KDE 3.5.8, GNOME 2.20.2.
  - GNU C compiler 4.2.1.
  - BIND 9.4.2.

For a complete list of new features and known problems, please see the
online release notes and errata list, available at:

You can get FreeBSD 7 via BitTorrent ( ), or the old fashioned way, via FTP or cvsup. Also, freebsd-update(8) is fully supported too.

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Good news!

One question: has anyone been able to get VMware3 to work on 7-RELEASE (or any of its 7-precursors)?  The last I read is that VMware is broken, and there is little inclination to getting it fixed.  I admit that I need my VM.

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Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

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I don't think much of the performance of qemu/kqemu, at least when I checked it last.  VMware3 is pretty inconvenient too (you have to disable SMP) but its responsiveness is acceptable.  Maybe modern hardware may well help, but I'm not blessed with that.

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Have you tried VirtualBox then?

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It is news to me that it runs on any of the BSDs.  Last I heard the interface works, but the kernel modules have yet to be written.

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They (the VB devs) are looking for FreeBSD developers, so at the moment it is unusable.


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FreeBSD-7-RELEASE installed onto my ASUS F3Jm laptop : no wifi and integrated webcam. But all hardware seems to be supported. Great news.

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To lift the cloud I cast on the new FreeBSD 7, VMware3 has been fixed to work under 7.0.  See … 04416.html
and the subsequent message for a correction.