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The one thing I really don't understand is that Linux user forums seem to be more harsh than the FreeBSD lists, in general or at least from my memory.

Well, this can easily be compared;  look at whatever FreeBSD forum you wish to use as a baseline, & compare what currently can be seen at as an example.  I don't suspect there is significant difference between the two, other than the Linux community possibly benefits more from corporate vestiges as opposed to FreeBSD which doesn't have commercial distributors of similar size.

What you may be contrasting is that the Linux community ten years ago was populated more by early adopters who possibly were more steeped in Unix traditions & general geekdom (& may have expected the same from those they came into contact with...) than the rank-and-file Linux user today.  This isn't saying that there aren't knowledgeable people using Linux now, but the predominance of Type-A personalities is more balanced by those who run Linux as typical end-users.

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As one who has gone back into the Linux world, for better or worse. they're actually usually mellow.  The Ubuntu forums, (I hang out there a bit too--I want to keep my hand in just in case I look for work again--it's so widespread now that I figure I better have an inkling) tend to be very very nice to newcomers--perhaps because their stated number one bug is that Windows is more popular.

The Fedora forums, I suspect, have a lot of people like me, sysadmins who use it at work.  So there's not too much distro bashing, no one has time.  Newcomers are treated reasonably well, but expected to do a bit of work on their own.  They're usually told that quite nicely. 

The CentOS forums are pretty professional--CentOS is the decommercialized version of RedHat Enterprise, so I'd guess almost everyone there is a professional or some sort of student planning to be professional. Newcomers aren't scorned, but---it's not a busy forum. If a newcomer posts, how do I set up a mailserver, they usually don't get an answer for a day or so when someone finally tells them to be more specific.  On occasion, they will give some sort of explanation, or it will be obvious that their English is poor, and will get more help--however, there isn't much hand holding. They aren't rejected so much as ignored--probably because most professionals are simply too busy.

The flamers tend to be the students who have the time and energy.  smile

There are a couple of yahoo lists which I helped moderate awhile ago, and still belong to, mostly out of inertia.  We tried, for a long time to clue in the newcomers. Finally, we basically left them to themselves.

How do i configure squid? Plz hlp. Thks.

And they get answered by another like themselves.

U gotta look at squid.conf

Ohhh kay.  On occasion, the other mod and myself will step in, if the questioner seems a cut above, but these days, out of being busy and tired, we leave them to themselves.  There's a FAQ and a welcome message, and for the ones who seem to read it, we try to help, but most of these folks----sheesh. 

What is frightening is that many seem to be studying for some sort of IT cert. 

Plz tell me where to get braindumps for RCHE [sic].  If u have ne, plz snd it 2 me.

In such a case, we also step in to point out that it's illegal and immoral and another such post by the person will result in a ban.  (Sometimes I point out that if they are planning to be in the IT profession, they REALLY better invest in a keyboard with vowel keys.)

However, these yahoogroups things are basically dinosaurs, though a few of us from the old days, when that was about all there was, remain--as I said, inertia, and every once in awhile, one of we old timers will post a question and get answers from other old timers, just to show 'em how it should be done. 

So, the large amount of Linux distributions has, I think, made room for these people, though even on the places like Ubuntu forums (which is massively busy) they're usually (gently) steered in the right direction.

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