Topic: Can ping but not access Google

I rarely deal with  my home network so I forget stuff and get pretty network stupid.

I've been having trouble, the last few days, accessing Google while every other site is fine.  It intermittently times out trying to access the page.  However, I can ping it just fine.  So this tells me it's a DNS problem with my ISP, correct? 

I'm using a Linksys wrt50g wireless router connected to a dlink router which plugs into a cable modem. 

I see on the 'net that some people have this problem but it's usually unrelated to my situation. 

A lot of people complain about Charter but, until now, I've not had any problems with them, so I'm looking for  feedback on this before I jump on their case.  Their customer support people usually require a urine sample before they'll talk to you and, if I'm going to go through that hassle, I want to have more information. smile

btw, I can't try on the other computers, this morning, because they're password protected, I don't know the password, and those family members are at work and can't be reached.  (Sheesh.  Talk about trust.)

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Re: Can ping but not access Google

manually set the DNS servers on the computer that's having issues? or manually set them on the router if you can.

Re: Can ping but not access Google

Yeah, I was not aware that I never set the dns on the router.  I have not had any problems until just the last few days.  I changed the dns to opendns(.org) and haven't had a problem since. 

Do you/anyone know what may have caused this problem now?  Is there any advantage/disadvantage to not use my ISPs DNS servers?  OpenDNS claims they are not only faster but more reliable.

Re: Can ping but not access Google

I'm not sure of any disadvantages other than your ISP thinking that your manual DNS settings are the cause of a problem that has nothing to do with DNS smile. but ISPs tend to do that if you do anything out of the ordinary.

as for what caused it, it's probably just something funky going on with your ISP's DNS servers (duh smile). I don't know much about DNS so I can't say what may be wrong with them specifically.