Topic: hey guys

Well, if it makes anybody feel good I'm switching back to FreeBSD on my desktop from Debian.  Originally I installed Debian for all the multimedia opportunities (midi keyboards and such), and then realized I only ever do that kind of work on my one laptop anyway.  I was looking to get into assembly, and BSD assembly seems better than Linux assembly (since I read Linux and MSDOS assembly are the same from the fbsd handbook, and we can't have that smile).  This is my first post as well; this forum seemed more catchier than the other one that was suggested on bsdforums.  It's a shame that place went down hill.  Oh well, that's life.  But anyway, since I'm switching back to FreeBSD I figured I'd register on an active forum.  I was looking at maybe running ZFS but then I noticed it wants at least a gig of ram and I only have a gig and a half.  Well, have a nice day/evening/morning (who sleeps anymore anyway)...

Re: hey guys

Hello there and welcome! I hope you enjoy playing with ASM. As for ZFS... I think I remember the devs saying that a 64 bit system is much preferred for it, and even then, some manual tuning is required for good performance, and that it can crash if it hits memory limits... dunno, all of this makes it sound like a bit more work is required before I trust my data to it smile I'm sure we'll get there soon though.