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I am moving Co-Location facilities and I am looking to forward the IP's of the old location to the new location during the time that the DNS entries for the servers are replicating across the net.

I have created a binat rule in pf.conf that looks like this.....

binat log on dc0 from 209.x.x.x to any -> 24.x.x.x

where 24.x.x.x is the address I am accepting requests on and I am forwardign them to 209.x.x.x

ping request are being forwarded but not web traffic any ideas?

p.s. I have about 40 IP's I need to forward to creating aliases for each one on dc0 in the form......

ifconfig dc0 24.x.x.x netmask alias

should work shouldnt it??

Thanks in advance

Re: Help with IP forwarding public IP's

I'm not sure it's possible to do that with pf... I might be wrong though.

However, here are two other approaches to make the changeover happen more smoothly:
- before doing the changeover, lower the DNS expiry time to a couple of minutes, so that other DNS servers will not cache your IPs for very long
- On the old host, set up a reverse HTTP proxy that proxies your new host.

Re: Help with IP forwarding public IP's

Can I not accomplish this with relayd??  Surely this must be something that

Re: Help with IP forwarding public IP's

Open BSD can accomplish?