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Here are some OpenBSD resources, feel free to contribute with links. - The official homepage, manual pages, FAQ etc. - The OpenBSD Journal, news. - The /topic on #OpenBSD, lots of good stuff. - OpenBSD Users Documentations projects - $pf-r = "packet filter repository" - Browse ports online etc

Non-english: (German) (Swedish)

Unofficial ports:

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Those two are offline. has some unofficial ports. They are outdated (OpenBSD 3.1/3.2), but might be useful as a base for creating own ports of those applications.

One can also find several small howtos at but the site is only German.

Re: OpenBSD resources is up though smile

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*Links updated*

Re: OpenBSD resources was mentioned as offline by me, is offline, but still listed.

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They have lots of nice articles and how-to's there.

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Here's a nice link regarding hardening the security on an OpenBSD (or Linux) system. It's a nice write-up, many of the things aren't intuitive for new users.

The author gives you three choices/levels of security: "Everyone should do this," "More cautious people should do this," and "Paranoid." … ening.html