Topic: Is this trick possible please?

Sorry for the cross posting - I'm deserate

I am wanting to package up an x program with all requierd libs in it's own, fully independent directory tree and execute it. I CAN run NON X, console apps this way.

1. Is it possible to run X windows programs from 'chroot'?

2. If so how, or can you point me at some documentation please?

I keep getting a "cannot open display" message. I CAN launch the program if I launch it with chroot and point the 'new root' at the REAL root, but I get a display error if I point chroot at the 'new root'.

I 'think' all the libs are there, and I have xhost+ the system to make sure.

I get past ALL lib/file not found errors and if I set the display env to localhost:0 or localhost:0.0 I still have no joy.

Please remember that pointing chroot at the real root DOES work, and I have no problems with console apps.

Any help or links will be appreciated thank you.

(ps, I'm trying to do this in FreeBSD)

Re: Is this trick possible please?

Please look at the date of the previous post wink

Trust me, I know what I'm doing.