Topic: Give me suggestion please ;)

Hi everybody! I need your suggestion. I have a little GPS navigator. It got to me accidentally (my friend gave it away) The problem is, that it has firmware issue. It used to run win ce 5.0. But somehow it wont be doing it anymore. So i thought it would be nice to turn it into a PDA. So i wonder: IS IT Possible to install NetBSD on it? My goals are just to have it working OS, just to make notes, browse pictures and music maybe. Navigator functions are NOT needed. The problem is that it only has: touchscreen, usb port, sd card slot (it can boot from card and some people told that from usb as well.) the CPU is PXA-270 416Mhz (thats why i thought it could be possible as some HP hand held have same one) Also it has 64 Mb RAM and 1gb flash memory + SD card up to 2 gb. it also has 3.5 mini jack. the exact model is Prestigio 430. A wheel on the side of it has a button function and up/down scroll. I wonder if its gonna be ok to have only a touchscreen as an input device during installation.
So please tell me what u think about it and should i try?