Topic: Howto Activate Swap on DragonFlyBSD

On Linux you can activate swap by "swapon /dev/sda3" etc ,but I created a swap during installtion but it doesnt seem to be working.
So can someone tell me what I can do As the Docs on DragonFlyBSD only seem to talk about creating a new swap from a new device & the commands dont seem to work for activating my swap that should of been created during installation & fdisk doesnt seem to be loaded so I can look at layout.
I used the second partion on first harddrive for DragonFly & the swap that was created seemed to of been created on first partion of slice

Re: Howto Activate Swap on DragonFlyBSD

Do you know the location of the swap on the first partition? What does fdisk say? What command are you using to try to mount it? What's in /etc/fstab?

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