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I'll start off by asking that you forgive my new-ness to all that is BSD. I do have some experience in the Linux world how ever have decided that I would like to start learning about openBSD and PF on an old Nokia IP350.

I have performed a fresh openBSD 4.4 install on a desktop PC with 2GB of DDR RAM (which I have a feeling may be the root cause). The HDD was then transferred over to the Nokia box which has 256MB of SDRAM.
After doing the initial install and enabling console/serial on boot.. I am presented with the following error:

[ using 622768 bytes of bsd ELF symbol table ]

The boot process then freezes.

Is the root cause of my problem the difference between the memory architectures of the original install machine and the nokia box?
I'm digging around my parts to put together a machine closer to the Nokia's own spec's, how ever would just like clarification on the above for my own knowledge as to what the cause of this could be. I have done some googling around and have been unable to find anything too conclusive.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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My first question is "Does a Nokia IP350 use Intel architecture?"

I know nothing about the Nokia IP350, but if it uses a different architecture, then a i386 PC install can't simply be dropped into a different architecture and expected to work

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Re: Nokia IP350 install

Hi WIntellect,

Thanks for the reply.

The box is basically a glorified dell server, runs a PIII 700mhz, ServerWorks North and Southbridges. It also has a Broadcom crypto accelerator (BCM5823) and quad intel nic's (still trying to confirm model).

I followed the following as the rough guide for my install (adapted for openbsd) and the difference between the ip330 and ip350's

Building the system on a celeron with 256mb of SD RAM resulted in the same error.

Time for more research on my behalf I would say.

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i never use nokia big_smile

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