Topic: Fluxbox on NetBSD 3.x


I will share my experience with fluxbox on NetBSD 3.x

So one day at work I decided one monitor wasnt enough anymore to code (I was using my laptop).
I found a computer, two monitors and a dual head card.

I installed NetBSD-current and later wanted to compile Fluxbox which I couldnt.
It was failing on some .cc file.

I found the problem to be the -O2 flag. I checked the Makefile and actually the maintainer already did something against this with a IF condition but only for 2.x. So I just removed the condition to keep BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=   rename:-O2:-O1.

Next time it was better but it was complaining about libiconv. I read some stuff on google and found that NetBSD-current has its own iconv libs and therefore libiconv is not needed anymore.
So I added LDFLAGS += -liconv to the Makefile (the one of pkgsrc) and it worked!


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Re: Fluxbox on NetBSD 3.x

good post, i think this should be stickied, or howto'd...possibly...